Street Vendor Project

FLYER Street Vending front

By Veronica Velasco

There are many projects we as students have done over the years. Projects like our first macaroni art to first prize in the science fair. All these projects were done for our benefit and a good grade. However, not many projects are done for the purpose of passing legislation.

Ms. Sugimoto and Ms. Solig’s senior class is doing a project that focuses on street vending. For this project the students will be lending their voices and writing narratives of street vendors of which whom they have interviewed. The narratives written by the students will be given to the city council. Not only will the students be telling the stories of street vendors in writing but they will also be creating art pieces that will be presented in the Autry museum.

“We are doing this project to let street vendors know that they are not alone in their struggles, we are doing this for them” said LASGS senior Maricar Alba.

This project is a great opportunity for the LASGS students to do something useful and help create something better for the people in their community.

   This is not the first time people have been fighting for the legalization of street vending.

“In 1999, MacArthur Park was selected to host a trial program for street vending” states Gilbert Estrada in an article titled Los Angeles street vendors under scrutiny.

Even though there are many people that have lost hope, fighting for change you want to see is still better than doing nothing at all. There are still some people that believe with enough effort and persistence legalization for street vending can happen.

“I think it is possible because we’ve seen models in New York and Seattle that have been successful” says LASGS teacher Ms. Solig.

ELACC, 826LA, Cuentame, Autry Museum,Youthink, Facing History in Ourselves, and the Japanese American National Museum have been working very closely) with the seniors on this project.