Walk to End Genocide

Walk to End Genocide

By Heidi Maqueos


In the Political Studies 12 class, taught by Ms. Solig and Ms. Sugimoto the students will be participating in the Walk to End Genocide as the culminating task of the project.


The new project has brought a greater understanding to the students in the class about genocide. Though, only briefly taught in sophomore year, this year students have gotten a chance to do research on several other genocides. For example students have been able to explore in depth the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide that still goes unrecognized by the Turkish government, the Rwandan genocide, and the genocide in Sudan.IMG_5282

For the last month, students have been reading books on the different genocides, watching documentaries, writing journals and an essay on genocide of their choice.


Senior Rut Tomas shares, “Everyone should study genocides because it brings awareness to the things that happen in our world, and gets people involved to find a solution for ending genocides.”


The Walk to End Genocide is a project by the Jewish World Watch non-profit organization, which aims to end genocide. This year’s motto isIMG_5285 “Walk to build a school, empower a woman, protect a child, support a community.” The goal for the Los Angeles community is to raise 150,000 dollars by April 14, 2013.


As said on the Walk to End Genocide website, “all of the money raised, will go towards the 3 Million people displaced from their villages in Sudan, the 200,000 people surviving in refugee camps in Chad, to remember and honor the 45,000 people estimated dying each month in Congo, and almost 6 Million people that have lost their lives to the genocide and mass atrocities in Sudan and Congo.”


The Political Studies 12 class has created a team and will be participating in the walk this month, April 14th at the Pan Pacific Park. The goal is to raise $600 dollars for those affected by genocides.IMG_5281


If you would like to become a part of our team and walk at the event or make a donation, please visit our website for more information.

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