One Enchanted and Unforgettable Night


Reporter: Dahlia Perez

On Saturday, May 11th, the Class of 2013 had their prom at the Omni Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles. The theme of the prom for this year was: “One Enchanted Night”.

            The event started at 7PM and many guests were taking pictures non-stop! Starting at 7PM, car after car started pulling into the driveway of the hotel. Many guests also arrived by party buses and limousines. All of the

seniors were excited for the event to start and once they were all escorted into the hotel the food was served.

            Dinner included chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy along with a vegetable on the side. Seniors had the choice between cheesecake and chocolate with vanilla fudge for dessert.

            “The salad was horrible, but the cheesecake was good!” commented senior, Maricar Alba.

When asked about the food, senior and ASB President, Omar Antonio said, “The cheesecake was good, but I think the chicken was a little dry.”

            Many of the seniors were taking pictures, talking to their friends, or having a good time with their dates.

            “I had so much fun dancing and taking a lot of pictures,” responded Maricar Alba.

            ALC (Academic Leadership Community) students escorted all arriving guests because they were in charge of decorations. The way ALC escorted seniors into prom was very unique. ALC gave each table a name, and to be escorted, you had to say the name of the table like “Forest of Dean” and then you were taken to your table.

            Principal Christian Quintero, counselor Diane Kantack, Alumni Jadine Salvador and Leadership teacher, Mrs. Rosales, attended prom as chaperones.

            “I think they went above and beyond and with the budget we had, it was very elegant. We had to be very frugal but it came out very elegant. It was amazing, everyone looked stunning.  Service was superb because they were so attentive,” described Mrs. Rosales.

            On the other hand, some students thought that prom could have used a little more improvement.

            “Maybe they should have promoted prom more because not many Global Studies students went and also they should of played a slow song at the end since they didn’t have one,” advised senior, Ashley Vaquera.

            The prom king and queen of 2013 were Andrea Catalan from Business and Tourism and Jonathan Lievano from ALC (Academic Leadership Community).

Mrs. Rosales also added, “The funniest moment was when the prom king and queen were slow dancing and then the Harlem Shake song started playing!”

In the end, some loved it and some wanted some improvement, but all seniors had fun.

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