RIP Mr. Terry “Rusty”

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Reporter: Dahlia Perez


Thursday, May 16th, Global Studies students and staff received very sad and tragic news.


Mr. Terry died in his sleep on May 16th, 2013. The news was shared with students during advisory, where their advisors had to break the news to their students. Many students broke down after they heard the news about Mr. Terry. Some students reacted by putting their heads down, some had watery eyes, but some just couldn’t handle it.

“The way that I broke the news to the students, is I had them sitting in a check-in circle. Then I told the students that we had heard some sad and very tragic news this morning and explained that Mr. Terry had passed away in his sleep. I told them how special he was to the school and I know how favored and respected he was by all the students. Then I gave them time to ask questions, but it was just completely silent,” said Ms. Solig after having a bit of a hard time recreating the way she told her students.


After advisory was over, the hallway was quiet and lunch was very different, it was very silent. Students were given time to write letters to him, his wife and/or daughter. Also, students began coming up with ideas to honor him.


Ms. La Torre’s class and the Leadership class are making posters and creating spaces in the hallways where students can write messages to Mr. Terry. The Leadership class is sponsoring two fundraisers and the proceeds will be going to Mr. Terry’s wife to help pay the funeral expenses.


“Very shocked, I’m still in shock. I don’t think I have fully comprehended the whole situation yet…It’s a shock,” stated Mr. Castaneda.


On Tuesday, May 21st, there will be a Jamba Juice fundraiser during lunch where leadership will be selling smoothies for $4 and a Shakey’s Night from 4pm-8pm. All the money will go to the Terry family to help pay for funeral costs. Shakey’s night will be at 5170 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90027 between Sunset and Kingsley.


Friday, May 17th, LASGS students will be wearing black and white as a symbol of respect for the death of Mr. Terry. Also, on Monday, May 21st, there will be an assembly to honor Mr. Terry and students will go dressed professional wear to show respect for him.


He will be missed and Global Studies will never be the same without him.