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Seniors are ready for Grad Night

By: Omar Antonio

The end of the year is coming for the seniors at LASGS, but there is one big event that everyone is waiting for.

Grad Night, the night in which seniors go out and have fun.MCLC is having their Grad Night at Disneyland, but we have a weird arrangement.

Since MCLC is a school with four smaller schools, each school only gets 25 tickets. Seniors at LASGS must hurry and get their tickets before they run out! Another problem with Grad Night is that the dates have been changed.
In the last Complex Council Meeting, it was decided that Grad Night should be moved from May 22nd to May 31st.The decision came because the 22nd would conflict with student finals. The 31st is still a tentative date, so it might stay the 22nd.
This hasn’t discouraged seniors though. The turn out for Grad Night looks pretty good. Most Seniors seem pretty pumped to go. Who wouldn’t be excited?  It’s the one night where you can have fun with your friends all night an Disneyland!


ASB Concessions

By Omar Antonio

 Today, at the MC vs. Belmont football, Global Studies will be in charge of selling food. This time there is going to be two stations, one for the Belmont side and the other for the MC side. This was proposed so that no conflict would arise between the two schools. SO if you are from Global Studies come out and support your ASB!

LASGS Halloween Costume Contest

By Omar Antonio

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 On Wednesday we had our school’s costume contest. We had people dressed as a cheerleader, pirate, Ghostrider, and Satan! Our winner was Rico Salvador who was dressed as the oh, so peppy, cheerleader and Erick Reyes who was the scary Satan. The contestants had to do a walk according to their costume and the winners got Halloween grams.



What Is GSA up to?

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October 12, 2012

By: Paola Barajas

Our GSA is coordinating with the Social Justice GSA for the Day of Silence that takes place in April. Members of the club are fundraising for costumes, a new sound system, and for the end of the year field trip. The costumes and sound system are for the performance that is put together for the Day of Silence. The end of the year field trip is to Six Flags Magic Mountain.


National Honor Society

Who They Are and What They Do?

October 11, 2012

By: Aslin Paxtor

Established in 1921, the National Honor Society has become known for its recruitment of students who have shown and demonstrated the four “pillars” that NHS stands by: character, leadership, scholarship and service. Although, big in the United States and its neighboring countries like Canada, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, not every high school actually has a chapter of National Honors Society in their school. The Los Angeles School of Global Studies has an active chapter of NHS and 10th grade teacher; Ms. Dina Mahmood is the advisor.

This is Ms. Mahmood’s second year advising NHS for the 2012-2013 school year. Former LASGS English teacher Laura Cometa was the advisor prior to Ms. Mahmood.  Many students appreciate being chosen to be in this prestigious club.  NHS is currently preparing for the big community service event for the end of the school year. In previous years, NHS has helped clean up Mac Arthur Park (2012), helped feed the homeless (2011), and fundraised for Cerebral Palsy (2010). NHS President Heidi Maqueos states, “This year I hope to make students proud for being role models at school and in their community.” As NHS begins again, it is time to plan the 2013 NHS community service event of the year. Stay tuned to learn more about NHS, the four pillars, its new cabinet members, and future plans for the end of the year community service event.


Bruins help at LASGS: UCLA MAPS Program

October 22, 2o12

By: Dahlia Perez

MAPS (Mentors for Academics and Peer Support) is a student initiated access project at UCLA, where UCLA students provide high school students with college application support.   MAPS partners high school students with college students to get high school upperclassmen help on college applications, personal statements, finding scholarships, and SAT preparation. All 11th and 12th graders students are invited to attend. The first 20 students who submit their application get priority in the program. The program will begin on October 11th and 12th and continue every Thursday and Friday from 3PM to 4:30 PM.  Monica Rodas, who has been attending MAPS stated, “I am getting a lot of help from them because if I have any question, they are experienced and know what they’re doing.”

Los osos ayudando a LASGS: Programa UCLA

Por Dahlia Perez

MAPS (Mentores para académicos y de apoyo mutuo) es un proyecto iniciado por los estudiantes de UCLA el acceso de la UCLA, donde los estudiantes de UCLA proporcionar a los estudiantes de secundaria con el apoyo universitario y ayuda al llenar las aplicaciones. MAPAS se associan con estudiantes de secundaria con estudiantes universitarios para obtener grados superiores de la escuela secundaria ayuda en aplicaciones de la universidad, declaraciones personales, becas para ganar dinero y preparación para el SAT. Todos los estudiantes de los grados 11 y 12 están invitados a asistir. Los primeros 20 estudiantes que presenten su solicitud primero, tienen el derecho a obtener prioridad en el programa. El programa se iniciará el 11 y 12 de octubre y continuará todos los jueves y viernes de 3pm a 4:30 PM. Monica Rodas, quien ha estado asistiendo MAPS declaró: “Yo estoy recibiendo mucha ayuda de ellos, porque si tengo alguna pregunta, ellos tienen experiencia y saben lo que están haciendo.”