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Spirit Week Dressing Tips!

By: Dinielle Santos

Finally, spirit week is right around the corner. On October 15th through October 19th every Global Studies student should show school spirit by dressing up according to the assigned day. Here are some tips on what you can wear for each day of the week.

Monday, October 15: BABY DAY
You can wear a bib, cute footie pajamas, or overalls for a childish look if you can’

t find anything else to wear. For accessories, you can bring rattles for your backpack, a pacifier, a doll, and teddy bear. Girls: wear your hair in pigtails. Other ideas are girls might want to wear thick blush and maybe use big bows in your hair. Try to look very cute and childish for this day!

Tuesday, October 16: HIPPIE DAY
Wear a multi-colored bandana or some funky boots. Also, wear something with  peace, love, or anything tie-dye.

Wednesday, October 17: SUPERHERO DAY
For this day you are welcome to wear your favorite superhero shirt, mask, cape, or costume if you have one! Or to be simple, get a blanket and tie it around your neck. Just kidding!

Thursday, October 18: SPORTS DAY
Show off your favorite sports team jersey! Or wear a sports jacket, or a cap of your favorite team.

Friday, October 19: SCHOOL SPIRIT DAY
Incorporate some teal, white, or blue in your outfit for this day! Or wear any MCLC sports jerseys, shirts, or sweaters to show Cobra pride.

During Spirit Week you can be creative in your own way. So dress up and have fun!

Fall 2012 Fashion Tips

By: Dinielle Santos

Find out what’s “in style”

as fall season starts!

Finally, sweater weather is back! As we all look forward to fall, we now have to say goodbye to our shorts and tank tops as we put them way back in our closet. Here are some fashion guidelines on how to look fierce and fab during fall season.


  • Knits/Pullovers: Never out of style, it is in the must haves for fall! Of course we need our comfy clothes for the windy weather that we’re about to experience. Try the ones with graphics on them for a more outstanding look!
  • Army Jacket (not the real one): This is very trendy! You can purchase an army jacket at Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 and it will make you look very high fashioned! Layer it over with knits or even basic tops and you’ll see the difference. Rock it with jeggings or jeans but not with shorts.
  • Harem Pants or Trousers: Either one looks appealing to the eyes of many. Printed ones are more attention grabbing and work with plain colored tops. These are perfect if you want the classy look during fall.
  • Skinny high-waisted pants: Since we can’t wear our high-waisted shorts anymore why not try the high-waisted pants? You’ll look very cute with this vintage look! Wear it with some vintage glasses like the Clubmaster or John Lennon’s from Ray-Ban.
  • Canvas boots: They’re really cute and they are perfect for the weather as they warm up your feet. You can pair it up with high socks, printed or plain, or just wear it with leggings. Top it with whatever you want since canvas boots seem to match anything!
  • Scarves: Of course we need something to warm up our necks. Scarves add a statement to your outfits! A silk scarf with fancy prints on it is what I recommend because it’s what in style right now.


  • Plaids: Plaids are still in! Wear it with a tie and you’ll look extra amazing!
  • Track jackets: Very comfy and looks good on you if you want that sporty look! You can buy track jackets that have your favorite sports teams’logos as well.
  • Dark colors: Black, dark blue, and brown are trendy this fall for men! Make sure you have one of these colors in your outfit frequently.

I have asked a few students about what they’re looking forward to wearing this fall. Senior Alain Ramirez is going to wear his “skinny jeans, v-necks, cardigans, and fedora hats.” While Junior Valeria Padilla says, “I just plan to wear big sweaters. Or cardigans. Or big sweaters with leggings.”


To conclude, fall fashion is here. It’

s time to alter your styles as the new season begins. Good luck and have fun with the fall fashion season!

Boost up your School Spirit

By: Dinielle Santos

Do you want to show more school spirit? Here are tips on how you can show more school pride through fashion during football home games.

 Add a “school logo” into your outfit.  This can be in the form of beanies, sweater, or hats. Wear our school logo with pride. If you didn’

t know, our school cafeteria sells MCLC gear.

 Teal, Blue, or White: Show off our team colors! You can match all three together or pick one specific color to wear at a football game. Teal would be the best color to wear by itself. You might want to ask your friends if they want to match with you.

 You can also always paint your face. Maybe with a jersey number or a small cobra doodle on your face.  You want to show that you believe in our players and looked pumped up during the game.

 In order to have school spirit,  you don’

t have to run across the football field half naked on a home game. However, you can always try to put some effort in by the tips described above. Following my suggestions might bring us more wins. So have fun and go Cobras 🙂

Where to go Thrifting?

By: Dinielle Santos

Thrifting can often be mistaken as an embarrassing act, but I tell you thrifting is the smartest choice you can ever make! Not only is it an affordable choice but the clothes you see in thrift stores are simply amazing and unique!

“Thrifting refers to the act of shopping at a thrift store, flea market, garage sale, or a shop of a charitable organization, usually with the intent of finding interesting items at a cheap price.”

(Wikipedia) So, why not go thrifting if you can save more and get more at the same time? Some thrift stores around that I know are:

Out of the Closet: There’

s one by Echo Park and the other located at Hollywood & Western. This place has not just clothes but furnitures as well. The store is very organized as the clothes are arranged by colors for easier picks.

Goodwill: One by Westlake and another one by Hollywood & Vermont, shopping here is the best idea because you can find brand clothes and some have never even been worn. Everything is in a bargain here so might as well check the place out!

Swap Meets: I know there’

s one by LACC during the weekends open  from 9 a.m- 3:30 p.m. Admission is just 50 cents on Saturday and $1.00 on Sunday, while children under the age of 12 are free, not so bad right? Here, you can see and shop a variety of things both used and new all in a surprising cheap price.

Iguana Vintage Clothing: Located at Hollywood and Vine, just one metro train away, this store has all the vintage clothes that you’re looking for. My favorite is the Levi’s high waisted shorts in different washes only for $12 and they have sizes for everyone! Good deals and many to choose from if you’

re a vintage lover.

Buffalo Exchange: Located by La Brea and 1st, this store is far the most common known thrift store by our students. They have a lot of good clothes but not many of the same styles. Here, you can buy, sell, and trade clothes. Price can be a little expensive, just a little, but the clothes follow trends and most are branded!

There’s far more thrift stores out there. You can always check for answers. But for now, you might want to check out the ones that I recommend above and you’

ll save money wisely and get the greatest deals ever.

What Works and What Doesn’

t Work for Prom

By: Dinielle Santos

It’s prom season again. Even though prom was held for our seniors already, here are some basic dos and don’ts for anyone who wants to go to prom. Whether it’

s your future prom, or an upcoming prom, these suggestions will be sure minimize your chance of looking lousy on this once in a lifetime night.

What Works for Women:Bright colors, shimmering dresses that bling, and long gowns with bold colors are a must for me. As for dresses, I suggest you pick a color that goes with your skin color. For example, if you’

re light skinned, bright, and bold colors will look good on you.

As for accessories, high heels with jewels never get old. Also, you may want to get shoes with small heels because you do not want to be parading the dance floor with 8 inch heels or higher. Blisters are to be expected the next day if you do that. A smart way for preventing blisters and being tired the whole night is to consider taking a pair of flats to wear to the after parties.

What Works for Men:Simple attire is my favorite. Simple for me means something you’

re comfortable wearing and good color coordination. Additionally, patterns that stand out in terms of ties or bow ties, especially stripes! Blazers add a bit of class. For men, if you have a prom date make sure your partner approved of your outfit first. Matching with your prom date is must; you do not want to be contrasting each other.

What DOESN’T Work for Women:I’m not really a fan of short dresses for women to wear to prom.  I also don’t approve of cutouts that reveal a huge amount of cleavage, that’s a no-no. Remember you’re not going clubbing. It’

s prom, which means elegance, so add some class in your outfit! Less skin, more formality.


T Work for Men:

Anything baggy in your outfit is not attractive at all. Also two or more matching colors in your outfit is not cute. For example, wearing matching colors for tie and vest is for a Quinceañera, not prom.

Overall, prom is a memorable experience that happens only once. Might as well dress to impress! Good luck and enjoy your prom. 🙂

Why do we have Fashion Police?

By: Dinielle Santos

When I joined Journalism for the second semester I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to make a change in the newspaper, make it more interesting for our students to read.

Personally, I am interested in dressing up and in fashion trends. Therefore, I asked Nicole Solig, the Journalism teacher, if I could write about spring trends for my first article, and she responded, “Absolutely.”

So, I asked another Globe staff member, Nathalie Sanchez, if she could co-write it with me.

The first article was a success! Nathalie and I interviewed and took various pictures from different people at our school. Then, for my next article I decided to write another article about fashion because I really enjoyed doing so the first time. That time I was writing about spring color trends.

When I finished my second article, Ms. Solig suggested that we open a new section for The Globe, where other students and I can write expressively about trends, styles, and fashion statements around the school. I decided to call it “Fashion Police”

by no particular reason, I just think it sounds catchy.

Since Fashion Police first started, I’ve been receiving a lot of good feedback as well as, a lot of criticism. One criticism was a comment from an anonymous person saying “I don’t think this is good for the Global school culture. This creates a barrier between the student body, considering what is fashionable and what is not oppresses those who cannot even afford name brand clothes. …”

(Comment is in the bottom for reference)

In response to that, I think it is actually good for the school culture because a lot of our students use fashion to express their creative moods, so I want to give them credit for that. Also, to address this person’s concern, I want to point out that you don’

t need to buy brand name clothes in order to be fashionable. You can shop at thrift stores or the flea market and still be considered a fashionista.

Another issue I want to make a clarification on is a comment from Ms. Lainey. Her comment was, “Dinielle, please don’t steal images and wording from other websites unless you give them proper credit. Copyright infringement is a serious matter.”

First of all, I didn’t steal any wording because all the words in my articles are original. I may have used the spring trend colors from the CollegeFashion website to put in my article, “What color would look best on you  this spring?”

, but I never copied and pasted any statement from them.

According to Junior Susana Ramirez, she commented, “You should keep the fashion page. There are many young teenagers that can learn several tips in learning about fashion. There are many ways that you can find out how to buy your clothes, you decide what to wear and look good.”

Sophomore Ewayne Berry commented, “What I like most about the page is that we have the best dressed of the week. I think that’s cool. I think we should keep the fashion page because it makes us kids even more interested in the website.”

Fashion Police is a big transformation for The Globe. It speaks to the majority of our students and inspires most of us as well. We want to represent what we are and I believe that Fashion Police is something our students can be proud of.

For those who support it, thank you and kindly help me strengthen the page by either sharing your own fashion story through an article, video, or a blurb. Also, by commenting suggestions and feedback on how to improve the page, so I can make it more interesting for our student body.

Closet Lite App!

Reporter: Dahlia Perez

So, I discovered a new app for fashionistas and it can help you pick outfits out way more easily and quickly! It is a very nice and cool way to choose outfits because all you need is the app. The app is free, if you have an iTouch or an iPhone, you can download it in the Apple App Store.

When you open the app, a calendar pops out and at the bottom it gives you options. The options are: Outfits, Items, Favorites and Tools. You can plan your whole outfit for the whole week! When the calendar is on the screen, you can press any day of the week and start choosing the outfit you want to wear for that day.

The first thing you have to do is go to the “tops” section and take pictures of all your blouses, and do the rest for “bottoms”, “footwear” and “accessories”

When you are ready to start choosing your outfits go to the Outfits section.

There are three categories listed for you already: Casual, Formal and Work. For example you choose Formal, you click on Formal, and you can start choosing what formal clothes you have, choose a top, a bottom, footwear and any accessories you want to use with that outfit! You can also see what shoes go with what shirt, jeans, or anything you want to match.

It is a really fun app, you can use if you like to plan your outfits. Also, the “tools”

section helps you and teaches you how to work the app.

Click the link to view:

Here are some other apps that you can download for FREE +if you are into fashion and/or if you are a fashionista yourself:

College fashion tips for seniors

By: Dinielle Santos

As our seniors start getting acceptance letters from different universities and colleges, they should also start thinking ahead on how college lifestyle looks like. In college, we see a lot of fashionable and well-groomed people that we don’t see everyday in high school. Here are some tips on how you’

ll grab attention on a college campus:

Dress with class.College is a big step in one’s adulthood. Keeping it classy shows maturity and a start in getting used to the professional world. If you want good and affordable clothes that will add class to your outfit, H&M has a lot! Also, don’t be scared to try thrifting, meaning shopping at a thrift store or flea markets. It’

s not only cheaper, but it also has a lot of cute and vintage things that are coming into trend again. It will surely add elegance in your outfits.

The hipster look.The meaning of hipster has changed. Now, it means someone who is trying to follow the latest trends. I believe there’s nothing wrong with being a hipster, as long as it involves using their creativity to express feelings throughout fashion. The hipster look will definitely attract eyes. If a style is famous and you’

re wearing it, most likely people will look at you and feel inspired to pull off a similar style.

Comfortable clothes is best.In your dorm, wearing the most comfy outfits are a win! If you’re rushing and need last minute outfits, make sure you pick clothes that won’

t irritate you. Comfortable clothes include garments made of cotton, anything loose or baggy, sneakers or flats, and even pajamas!

In college, you see unique styles of different types of people. Alumni, Michael Turcios shared, “There are various personalities in college. You  will definitely see a wide range of fashion choices. For instance, you have the hipsters. You have people who follow seasonal fashion trends. Then you have those who are not fashion savvy.”

His tip to our seniors who are about to be incoming freshmen in college is, “You definitely have to be yourself. If you’re one of those individuals who likes to follow the trends, I will suggest you go shop at H&M and other retail stores that are not expensive to purchase clothing.”

Even though in college, dressing up can be a hobby, studying should still be the priority. Senior Jacque Duke, when asked if she thinks she’ll improve her fashion sense in college, responded, “I think that my fashion sense will go down the drain because I won’t really be worrying much about how I look but arriving to class on time and making sure I keep up with school work other than worrying about my appearance. I plan to dress as comfortable as possible, I work better that way. For example, pants, pullover and Uggs.”

As for Senior Bryan Gonzalez, “I think my style of clothing will change a little but not that much. I think I will stay with a beanie based style of clothing because I really like beanies. I just buy clothes that I think feel comfortable in, thats all.”

Like I mentioned earlier comfortable clothes are the best!

One of the top college fashion trends, according to is, “Develop your signature style that is a particular style of only yours, representing your personality!” copying the styles of others will make you look like someone who doesn’

t have originality.

To all our seniors who are about to go to college, and have a passion for fashion, my great tip for you all is to have your own style and have a wonderful time dressing up. Good luck and hopefully others will get inspired by you!


Here are three of our seniors who are looking glamorous, ready to enter and try the college fashion.

Outfit Ideas for Spring Break Destinations

By: Dinielle Santos

As spring arrives, it welcomes us sweetly with a spring break from school. A stress relieving week for students to enjoy different fun activities. Whether you’re heading to a theme park, the beach, or if you’re just planning to stay home, here are four spring break outfit ideas that you don’

t want to miss!

Outfit Number 1: Theme Park. A lot of us including myself, are excited as we look forward to having a blast in one of the local theme parks. Spring trendy outfits in a theme park require shorts, bright/pastel tank tops or shirts, and oversized sunglasses as warm weather starts.

You want an outfit that is comfortable so you won’t feel bothered as you the hit rides that will make you scream. I also suggest that you just wear sneakers, no flats or sandals because you might lose them as the rides speed up, especially the extreme rides at Six Flags. You don’

t want your shoes to fall off, right? Also, sneakers are comfortable as you walk around, therefore leaving your feet blister free.

Theme Park

Outfit Number 2: Beach. Hello spring and hello sun! Swimming and tanning are lovely activites to do during spring break. If you miss the sun and the waves, hitting the beach will be perfect but don’

t forget to put sunblock on!

Women beach outfits include bikinis and bandeau with wild patterns or in bright colors, short shorts, flip flops, flat sandals and sunglasses. For men, light colored tank tops or tees, shorts, flip flops or slippers, and a woven fedora will make you look hot. Add wayfarer or aviator sunglasses to your outfit, and expect girls to stare!


Outfit Number 3: Parties.Enjoying the break by going to fun parties will be perfect to get away from stress and worries! Though parties start at night, bright colored dresses will make women stand out. Add up nude or neon pumps and chain bags. While for men, the cute casual look of slim jeans and button up shirts will turn out okay as long as you can pull it off! Add a bow tie, they’re really cute and it’

s one of the latest trends right now for guys (and girls as well).


Outfit Number 4: Travel out of town. Wear something comfortable for long road trips, walks, or plane rides for an exciting trip out of town. Women can wear rompers, bright or denim tops, skirts, bright or printed scarves, sandals, flats, oversized bags, and limited accessories. While for men, they can wear khaki shorts, v-necks, wayfarer sunglasses, a beanie, and a canvas backpack.



Lastly, Senior Vanessa Flores suggested, “A spring break outfit idea that I would recommend is to wear dresses that are long or medium sized to show off your spring fashion style and wear sandals that match your dress and colorful ones too. Don’t be afraid to use bright colors this spring. I like this type of style because it’s always fun to be daring and try new things in fashion.”

Now, let’s find out where our students are heading this spring break.  Junior Jeffrey Moreno said, “For spring break I plan to go bike riding, go out, and celebrate my birthday. I plan to wear a tank shirt and cargo shorts to the beach and dress casually whenever I go out. I plan to wear my tank shirts and some shorts when I go biking because you can feel the breeze during spring.”

I like his outfit ideas as they embrace the joy of the new season.

While for Sophomore Ian Dalmacio, “My plans for spring break are to hang out with my friends, catch up on sleep, just have fun, and I plan to wear something comfortable and something that makes me look good.”

Sounds like an interesting and nice outfit idea since being comfortable is the key!

Spring is about feeling fresh, blooming, and cheerful. According to, “You’ve been trudging in tights and trousers all winter, it’s time to let your legs breathe!”

So make sure to have a blast this spring break while trying your best to stay spring trendy. Good Luck!

What color would look best on you  this spring?

By: Dinielle Santos

Wearing a color doesn’t just mean wearing it for fun. It shows one’

s emotions and creativity. Spring 2012, calls for bright and pastel colors. These colors are applicable for both men and women but specifically for men who are not scared to try out graceful colors. According to, these are the hottest color trends for spring.

Orange or Tangerine.This appealing color refreshes people’s eyes. The juicy color vitalizes an outfit, cheering up your complete look. If you wear this, you’

re more likely to feel energetic.

Tangerine Tango was deemed to be Pantone’

s color of the year. Pantone is the global authority on color that surveyed designers of the New York Fashion Week in order to give us the latest color trends for spring.

According to, “Over the past several years, orange has grown in popularity and acceptance among designers and consumers alike. A provocative attention-getter, Tangerine Tango is especially appealing in men’s and women’s fashion.”

Trying out different hues of orange such as using peach will make your spring outfits look even more fabulous! Orange is a must have this season as it gives us a recharged look.

All Captions/Images taken from the following website:
College Fashion

Solar Power.  The sun’

s color, yellow, gives us the bright insight of the warm weather. It represents strong energy and cheerfulness.

This color commands people’s attention and can brightens up someone’s day. Wear this color if you’

re feeling happy and looking forward to having fun.

All Captions/Images taken from the following website:
College Fashion

Coral Pink.This is a very cute color for women to wear. It’s very pastel and ladylike as it suggests the fresh scents of flowers. Wear this if you’

re feeling cute and sassy.

All Captions/Images taken from the following website:
College Fashion

Lavender. This pastel shade of purple gives a person a unique and special look. According to, “Lavender, orchid, lilac, and violet flowers are often delicate and considered precious.”

Flaunt this color through your clothing if you want to express femininity.

All Captions/Images taken from the following website:
College Fashion

Mint. A restful color, that is very soothing to every one’s eyes. This color is one of the “it” colors this spring. It denotes the feeling of balance, harmony, and stability. Wearing this color can flatter one’

s look, and also give you a refreshed look!

So for spring, make sure to try to incorporate your outfits with one of these colors. It will make a difference on how people look at you.

All Captions/Images taken from the following website:
College Fashion

Students at LASGS have their favorite colors for spring as well. Sophomore Monica Garibay suggested, “Yellow and really bright green because they are too bright. I think bright colors make people stand out.”

I agree with Monica because bright green and yellow are springtime colors. Both have shades that draw attention.

For Junior Eddie Ochoa, wearing his favorite color is a must for him. “It’s white because it doesn’t absorb as much heat as other do. I do like wearing my favorite color, I have tons of white T-shirts.”

White is popular since it’

s easy to match with other colors. Incorporating white in your outfit will win you compliments, as it shows class and purity.

Colors do impact how a person dresses. Bright and light colors make someone look ecstatic while too many dark colors give a scary impression.

For Senior Karem Casiano when asked if color impacts one’s outfit she said, “I think they do, because normally we tend to distinguish colors very well and sometimes certain colors just don’t look right in our eyes.For example, if the colors are excessively bright or are grossly dark. In that sense, it affects the appearance of the clothing that other people see on you.”

I agree with her because color is the first thing people see in your clothing. Matching colors that don’t go together do ruin the view of one’

s outfit.

In the end, colors and color coordination are important. Colors help an outfit glow or they will make it look boring. It’s up to one’s creativity in how they match colors effectively, but in doing this don’

t forget the number one rule: Have fun!

Spring Fashion Ideas for LASGS Students

By: Dinielle Santos and Nathalie Sanchez

At LASGS, as we walk in the hallway, we see a lot of students and staff who look dazzling and neat because their outfits are eye catching or their shiny accessories grab your attention. Maybe their fixed hair or their attractive make-up stands out. Whatever it is, fashion could be a big aspect in our school that makes our students look unique in their own ways.

This upcoming spring, we have fashion ideas that could inspire you to look better. Here are some:

Wearing pastel colors are very soothing on the eyes, for both men and women! Pastel refers to lighter shades of colors. Clothes, nail polish, or shoes with pastel colors will make women look trendy.

Stripes are still in! According to, “One of the big trends this season is anything striped. Expect to see lots of stripe, not only on wonderful nautical knit tops, but dresses, handbags, and even shoes.” Interestingly, stripes are popular in the form of shirts, dresses, pants or skirts. The key to wearing it is to not match it with other patterns! If you do, the two patterns will clash and it will hurt people’

s eyes to look at.

Ethnic inspired clothes, such as tribal prints, are gorgeous! Also ethnic inspired accessories look really fashionable in shoes as well. Tribal prints in bags do make an obvious statement.

Floral patterns are everywhere. Floral designs are popular in spring but make sure you pair it with something plain so the pattern can stand out.


s not exclude the men in terms of being fashionable. Bold colors give men the look of being trendy during spring. As well as, wild prints and patterns.

Spring must haves for men are woven shirts, cardigans, college logo sweaters, shorts in khaki or cargo shorts. Sophomore Jaime Escalante agrees because when asked for his spring must haves he said, “College logo sweaters.” He also mentioned, “I feel like my style is more casual than dressy.”

TOMS are also a must-have for spring. Not only are they really “in”

right now but they are super comfortable! They can be incorporated into any outfit as long as you choose the right color TOMS to match it with.

For Junior Ashley Vaquera, she said “I like them because you can wear them with anything up or down but I dislike how Soda and BOBS decided to make knock-offs.”

She is right because BOBS shoes look very similar to TOMS except that Skechers makes them. BOBS also donates a pair to a child in need, this concept originally came from TOMS.

For accessories, feathered necklaces and earrings are staying in for spring. Partner it with pretty pastels and whites, and the entire outfit will be adored.

We have asked our fellow LASGS students to share their fashion tips for spring. Junior, Ashley Vaquera when asked about the spring trends she’s looking forward to, she mentioned ,“I’d love to see lots of pastels and just bright clothing preparing for summer.”
She also suggested, “Spring must haves are shades, florals, and pastels.” Something she finds unique in her fashion is, “I dress how I feel based on that day and just have fun mixing different clothing.”
While for Senior Jadine Salvador, her spring must haves she mentioned are “Flowy tops in pastel colors like light pink, mint green, baby yellow and cut off tops. Of course you should have one pair of high waisted shorts, and collar necklaces. Oh! And thigh high socks with wedge heels- very cute!”
She added, “Something I find unique about my fashion is I try to create my own trends as much as possible, like last summer it was all about feather, fall it was all about knit-sweaters and now this spring I must have arm bands and high waisted shorts. But for me I never stick with one style in my closet because you should have a bit of everything, that way you can create different looks so that you’re not bored of your wardrobe.”
To summarize, the key to looking spring trendy is going to be all about color and prints. In addition, simplicity is best; as well as when you’

re dressing use your own style and with passion. Being original tells people more about your own personality and your creative mind.

To conclude, spring is coming around the corner. Make sure to prepare your cutest warm weather clothes to look stunning. Good luck in matching your outfits and just like Jadine Salvador said, “Never be afraid to wear something because when you’re not confident you can’t rock it very good.”

Ideas de moda para la primavera para los estudiantes de LASGS

Por: Dinielle Santos & Nathalie Sanchez

Preparados para la primavera? Si eres, pues estan preparados para las modas de la primavera de 2012? Sacuden las guardarropias y preparense para lucir atrevido y acentuado hasta que la temporada de verano venga!

En LASGS, mientras caminamos por el pasillo, vemos muchos estudiantes y maestros que lucen deslumbrante y ordenados porque su ropa y sus accesorios nos llama la atencion. Quisas su pelo bien arreglado o su maquillaje atractivo. Lo que sea, moda puede ser un gran aspecto en nuestra escuela que hace los estudiantes ver unico en sus propias maneras.

Esta primavera, tenemos ideas de moda que pueden inspirarte a ti para lucir mejor. Por ejemplo, aqui hay algunos:
Poniendose colores pasteles son verdaderamente calmante para los ojos, para hombres y mujeres! Los colores pasteles se refieren a los colores mas claros. Ropa, pintaunas, o zapatos con colores pasteles van a ser las mujeres verse de moda.

hace los estudiantes ver unico en sus propias maneras.

Esta primavera, tenemos ideas de moda que pueden inspirarte a ti para lucir mejor. Por ejemplo, aqui hay algunos:
Poniendose colores pasteles son verdaderamente calmante para los ojos, para hombres y mujeres! Los colores pasteles se refieren a los colores mas claros. Ropa, pintaunas, o zapatos con colores pasteles van a ser las mujeres verse de moda.

New Fashion Page

By: The Globe

Posted March 23, 2012