Poetry: Express Yourself and Let Your Poetry Be Known!


Consumed in floods of thoughts,
forgetting the outer environment,
down to the last dot,
particle, animal, people,
making this world full.
True, I look for the glues,
to bind this fine wine,
but I am caught.
Fought for reasons,
tease them, bring and, I teach those brought.
A master,
a ruler,
used to measure,
capture the crimes taught,
off the mean streets of pretty Los Angeles.
Where the best stress to stay righteous,
where the pests jet to get a fix.
A hex torments these,
an MC,
truly realizes, despises,
finds the keys,
to enlight the drug fiends.
Dug out pennies to see their next test,
the piece, “Jesus” sent to help suppress,
their depression.
The henchmen,
the dealers,
never mention the damage, of the usage.
It usually,
causes casual hobbies, that are not part of your passage.
Keep up the foul work,
you will not empower the poor,
soon enough you will pass your age.
Take time to unconfine your mind,
you are at your prime when outside your cage.
I will let you borrow a page,
of my untitled bible, that I praise.

Thrill Comes From Facing Fear 

By Daniela Alvarado

Hold on tight and don’t let go of your sense of self
Here’s something you’ve always felt but held it in yourself
Slowly going up, on top of the world, just to fall down
So fast;
It seems nonstop
Back to the ground you stood before
Breathe deep and take in what you need
Life; the rush,
The thrill to fill your lungs
The ride takes you inside the mind you never knew,
Take it for a spin;
Let the fear take over you
Feel the daze as you whirl through
Twirls that swirl you and make your heart race
Racing through won’t help you keep the pace you want to
The thrill will be gone if you never face the fear of moving on
Keep going;
Never stop for later
You’d wish you’d done it in better time
Don’t stop, don’t ever stop
The thrill of life to fill you to the top of your lungs
Take it for a spin,
In the end you’ll always see that smile appear
I promise you my dear, it will appear

Baby Girl 

Part 1: My baby girl

She wanna grow up so fast
She’s changing in a blink of an eye
That attitude,
Baby girl that ain’t you
What’s going on?
Why the sudden change?
Who you hanging around with?
Baby girl can’t you see
Those “home girls” are influencing your mind
Changing your ways
Bringing out a rebellious young lady
Disrespecting mom, skipping school
Dressing differently, speaking differently
And hanging around in the wrong areas
Do you really think this ‘hood’ life is a life?
No baby girl!
Listen to these words coming from experience
You’re telling me you’re willing to leave your opportunities
For someone like him
Come on baby girl, open your eyes
Be something
Don’t go down to that level
You’re just a girl to him
That’s all
What you think?
That you’ll have a happy ending with him?
Reality is a slap in the face
Do you want to end up as a drop out?
A young teen mom with a guy behind bars
Or lying on a tombstone?
Baby girl, you are a valuable treasure who deserves the best
You don’t know life yet…  

Part 2:

Years have passed
You’re doing well
He’s came back
Looking for you
Oh no baby girl, what are you gonna do?
You learn he’s been in jail
He has a baby
What did I tell you baby girl?
That ain’t a life
You see your “home girls” having babies
Leaving school
Raising a baby on their own
Well, where did the baby daddy go?
Now he wants you
Claims that he loves you
That he will change
But you’re not that little girl anymore
You’ve learned and picked yourself up
My baby girl
She’s smart and I’m so proud of her…

Been A While

By Mauricio Zelaya

With Purpose, opposing those looking to close the door.
The entry that’ll free peace, bring to you with ease.
The breaths will reach depths never explored.
Places glazed naturally for the soul.
Concur, then miracles will occur.
Brain, out of the cage, drop a page, audience listen.
The joy, ecstasy is inside.
Venture the fire, find your mind,realize eyes aren’t as important as the spiritual being.
Feel I dig to deep for the naive.
Don’t even peep, let reality be their eye-opener.



Trust is to confide in someone

To be able to count on that person without a doubt

Being able to rely on them

Not having to think twice about their betrayal

Trust is easy to break but hard to gain

Without trust, there is nothing

So don’t make me regret trusting you!

Keep Your Head Up


Do you know how hard it is to pretend everything is ok?

How hard it is to fake a smile when all you really want to do is break down.

But you learn…

You learn how to keep pushing through the struggles

You learn how to keep smiling even when you have problems

And most of all you learn to always keep your head up and never give up!

Simply A Thoughtful, Thought 

By Mauricio Zelaya

How are thoughts created?
Are they manufactured or just fate?
Take hints,
squint if you please and learn that living isn’t a breeze.
Three hundred degrees was meant to be three sixty five,
just goes to show how this life connives.
Despite, we fight,
brightly illuminate,
in hopes of people catching on,
and finally appreciate our pain-full paint.



The past is buried deep in the shallow pit of acid
Along with the love that once existed
But never had the chance to live forever
The demon was blinded by confusion and silence
The one that made the love from an angel fade away forever into the mist
No bone in his skeleton learned to love an angel
Shredded the angel’s heart into a million pieces
Then burned into ashes
Demon of silence,
cold-hearted monster,
eyes of the unknown
Opportunity comes slithering to you yet you destroy it
Not knowing what it could be
Lost the chance to be with an angel who loves
Not full of hatred
Even with a heart gone and ashes coursing through her veins
Love is within the angel and shall remain till the end of time
Dragging her body through the grounds of the dead who have loved
Hoping for an answer to shine on her from the dark grey sky
Walking at a pace where it is hard to move one more step
Angel’s tears of a dead love leading the trail of nowhere
Reaches the top where Demon stands with shame and confusion
Holding her stitched heart,
Demon’s tear filled up with all night
Second chances are meant to be even if the first never had its opportunity
Aurora awakens the dead and brings light to the love once destroyed
Love once destroyed has the second chance to live once more
Angel’s love shall remain forever
In the hands of the one she never stopped loving
Demon’s feelings of shame,
and guilt stabbing him everywhere
Not knowing the affects of his silence
Drew to the death of his once true love
Angel faded away to the heavens
Knowing Demon understood the love she had for him
Happy endings aren’t always visible to the heart
But once the end comes to those who have loved a blind one,
A path will lead you to another story that shall end in peace and eternal love.  


By Mauricio Zelaya

Much nearer,
Closer to the full picture,
See her, yet fear the, answers waiting to kill.
Real as can be,
Still they skip,
The true intentions,
Friendship molded into relationship.
The high causing like a hit,
Get a grip,
Don’t trip in-to, the casket like a fool.
Recognizing the rules,
Making others tools,
Now, giving ’em frowns, only ’cause can.
Stamp they receive, if fake.
Stomp, best believe,
No one manipulates, this man, or his pact.
The back stay intact,
Crack is not a fact in our circle.
Pack the traps,
Catch the edible.
Chew ’em down,
Spit ’em out in vocal sounds,
Crowning no one, too profound for this town.

Growth Pt 2

By Mauricio Zelaya

The previous child mentality, attempting to be set foully free.
Giving the doubts of ambiguity, leading to intentions of fleeing.
That isn’t me, part of my identity.
A quiz to see, if I look for sodomy.
Rather drink green tea, re-organize my chi, inner energy, burst in a
disciplinary spree.
Disciplining weak MC’s, preach to them, how to be a master of ceremony.
Speak what you feel, what you believe, don’t make ’em retreat.
Cause ’em to receive through the ears, reach the mind to perceive.
They’ll conceive, have thoughts of equality, universal company based on equity.
Despise slavery, resulting in others thinking.

Hair Lyrics By Lady Gaga

-Submitted by Vanessa Flores

I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to love me for who I am
I just wanna be myself,
And I want you to know, I am my Hair

I’ve had enough
This is my prayer
That I’ll die living just as free as my hair

I’ve had enough
I’m not a freak
I must keep fighting to stay cool on the streets

I’ve had enough, enough, enough
And this is my prayer, I swear
I’m as free as my hair

I don’t wanna change,
And I don’t wanna be ashamed
I’m the spirit of my Hair
It’s all the glory that I bare
I am my Hair!

Free as my hair.


By Pablo Salas

The darkness in my heart has begun to part
The light of hope has brightened my day
Now the world seems so clear to me
Never have I seen it so beautiful
This experience feels so wonderful
It’s as if I’ve just been released
Awakened from a long slumber
Now’s my chance to begin anew
Do things I never thought possible
It’s time to set my goals
After all you only live life once right?

United As One

By Mirelli Hernandez

Los Angeles,
Known as the City Of Angels

Isn’t that ironic?

L.A. is not an innocent place
It has seen murder since the 1940s,
When Mexicans fought the police
Back in 1992 when the Los Angeles Riots occurred
A black man’s beating caught on videotape
White cops on trial and acquitted
South Central gone mad
Blacks attacked Whites and Koreans
Block after block fires spread
Everyone in L.A. afraid
Freeways full, as people tried to leave the scene
Well don’t you see?
We are L.A.
Asians, Blacks, Hispanics, and Whites
All living in the same place, under the same circumstances
So why is there so much disrespect?
Actions have reactions so don’t be too quick to judge
We live in the same city, speak the same language,
And work together…
Let’s get past the prejudice and be a true community