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Long hair don’t care

Photo Courtesy of shine.yahoo.com

Photo Courtesy of shine.yahoo.com

by Heidi Maqueos

 Posted March 11, 2013

Six feet long!

Predicting the Future: Baba Vanga

By: Jennifer Telles

Posted June 20, 2012

 Do you believe in fortunetellers? Well, you should check out the predictions Baba Vanga made for the future.

Father’s Day Mini Guide

By: Karen Lazo

Posted June 13, 2012

Need help on what to do for your dad this year for Fathers Day?

How to Survive Mothers Day!

By: Karen Lazo

Posted May 14, 2012

Do you know what you will get your mom for Mother’s Day? Well,  here is my guide to try to help you.

Little Boy Builds His Own Arcade

Kimberly Cabrera

Posted May 7, 2012
Who said a nine-year old boy does not have the skills to fulfill his dreams?

Special Valentine’s Day Edition

By: The Globe

Posted February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


By: Kimberly Cabrera

What do you see when you look at yourself in the mirror?

Are we alone in this world?

By: Jennifer Telles & Anai Rodas

Do you believe us, as humans, are the only ones living here in earth?

 Top 10 Fast Food Restaurants According to LASGS Students

By: Jennifer Paniagua & Anai Rodas

What’s your favorite fast food restaurant? Some people voted for. . .


By: Kimberly Cabrera

What is your dream about?

Ghosts: Real or Myths?

By: Anai Rodas & Jennifer Paniagua

Many scary stories have been passed down from generation to generation some examples are…

Entertaining PSA Videos

By: Aslin Paxtor

Who knew that math videos can be very hilarious?

LASGS Drama Festival 2011

By: Fabio Quintana & Marilyn Oliva

On October 29 and November 5th two separate groups from our drama class run by Stephen Molstad got the grand opportunity to compete in the 2011 drama festival.

A Note From ASB

By Wendy Salas

<div The members of ASB have been working hard planning events for the students of LASGS. They create posters and put them all over the hallway to make sure that they advertise the events for students to get the best high school experience possible. ASB members are dedicated to many of the activities such as the Cobra Stars Dance. They have also been busy with creating fundraisers and brainstorming activities for advisories to ensure that they work together and participate. Overall, ASB has been putting all their time and effort into this school and will continue to do this to make sure that this year is one of the best for all students of LASGS.

ASB members putting up posters to announce homecoming in LASGS hallway.

ASB members organizing each banner and cars just before the homecoming game halftime.

Brenda Herrera, Bryan Gonzales, Yadira Munoz bringing in the ladder they used to put up poster and decorate our LASGS hallway.

Members of ASB holding up banner representing LASGS during pep rally.

Scary Movies To Freak You Out!!!

By:  Jennifer Telles and Anai Rodas

Which movies have caught the eye of the beloved students of LASGS? Overall, LASGS have said that scary movies are their most liked genre. The students said that the thrills and excitement are what makes scary movies enjoyable.

So how long have scary movies been around? Scary movies have been around since the 1890’s. The first scary film to come out was, “Le Manoir Du Diable”. This film was created in France. The film plot was that about demons in the devils house.

Teacher Molstad Admits He’s Afraid Of Scary Movies

When we asked freshman Louie Torres why he enjoys horror films, Torres stated, “because they give me nightmares.” It seems that some students enjoy the fear of reliving the movies in their dreams. Torres says that the scared anxiety he recieves makes life a little more fun.

According to the website www.boston.com, the scariest movie is, “The Thing.” But that doesn’t  mean that LASGS students agree with this movie choice.

When we interviewed freshman Jennifer Paniagua, we asked her what  her favorite movie was and she stated “Paranormal Activity 1.”  Paniagua stated, “That’s one of my favorite movies ever because it scared the hell out of me!”

Some people don’t like scary movies because they claim they are to frightening to watch. Linguistic Studies teacher Stephen Molstad was asked if he enjoys horror films, Molstad stated, “ No! because they are too upsetting to watch. Even bad scary movies scare me. I guess I’m a chicken.”  Keep Reading Here

Are Reality Shows a Waste of Time?

By: Jennifer Paniagua

Reality shows are now more popular than ever. Many shows are starting on their 2nd, 3rd, and even 10th seasons. Some are even completely new, this means much more drama!

Reality shows now capture drama, singing, battles, survival, and even to people being themselves in their everyday routine in life.

For example, in the Bad Girls Club, a show about girls partying and problems between roommates , there is always drama, while  Keeping up with the Kardashians documents sisters and their family’s everyday life.

According to  www.fasttopten.com, the most viewed shows of this year are: “Jersey Shore”, and coming in second  “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. The other most popular reality shows are: The Amazing Race, Kendra, Survivor Redemption Island, Bad Girls Club, The Celebrity Apprentice, Teen Mom 2, Dancing with the Stars, and American Idol.

There are many opinions about reality shows. Some think its a waste of time and others love them for the drama or the fighting.

“I love reality shows because of all the drama” stated Freshman Anai Rodas. Rodas said her favorite show is The Maury Show, her favorite part is when the people get carried away in angry and get into fights. Most people like reality shows because they like watching people getting mad or starting fights.

On the other side ,some viewers disagree. They believe reality shows weren’t worth watching .  Keep Reading Here

Homecoming Court

by:Jennifer Paniagua, Jennifer Telles, Jennifer Munoz

Every year Miguel Contreras has a Homecoming game. During homecoming season we choose our homecoming court. This years homecoming court winners for LASGS were very interesting.

Freshmen Prince and Princess winners were  Brandon Herrera and Vianny Ochoa. During an interview with Ochoa she stated she decided to run for princess because, “it was a bet between my friend and I and  I wasn’t expecting to win. But I did so,  yay!”.  If  it wasn’t  for her convincing and smart friend she would have never experienced the privilege of becoming homecoming princess…(Keep reading here)